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[IP] Re: Joslin Clinic

Just my two cents' worth: I have been seen at the Joslin Clinic for 
the past 3.5 years, and a few years before that I participated in the 
DO IT program. I have never been anything but exceptionally impressed 
with the quality of care I have received there, from the doctors, 
nurse educators, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists.  Time and 
time again, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their 
efforts to help me manage my diabetes. The levels of care, 
commitment, professionalism, knowledge, and most importantly, 
understanding of what it's like to have diabetes, have never wavered. 
It sounds like people had *really* bad experiences there in the past, 
but perhaps Joslin has made changes to correct those problems? I hope 
so! There is nothing worse than having a doctor be part of the 
problem instead of part of the solution. Of course, YMMV--the most 
important thing is that we all find good doctors, no matter where 
they work, who respect us as the patients and who try to understand 
what it's like to live with this disease.

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