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[IP] Diabetes, Pumping and Dieting HELP!

Hello group.  I am interested in knowing how to diet while pumping.  Has
anyone out there tried the Atkins no carbohydrate diet while pumping?  I have
got to loose weight and my Dr. is absolutely, positively no help at all.  I
mentioned the Atkins diet and he said that it was impossible for a diabetic to
go on that diet.  He says it's a trade off, the better my glucose levels are
the more weight I put on.  I thought about joining weight watchers, anyone out
there tried it?  I joined Curves for women but had to quit as my sites got
sore and I had to change them daily because if I didn't I would end up with a
sore and site failure.  Since I have been pumping (almost 2 years) I have
gained 30+ pounds.  I really don't eat but 2 meals a day and here is an
example.  Yesterday, 10AM (BS 106) 1 pot of coffee with milk.   2PM  (BS 129)
Lunch, Chicken Salad from Subway, 2 pkgs crackers.  8PM  (BS 114) Dinner 6oz
of baked Orange Roughy, 1 cup of steamed broccoli, 1/2 Baked Potato with
butter.   10PM (BS 96) 1 Vodka & Grapefruit Juice.  Bed Time 1:30AM (BS 141)
10AM this morning (BS 78)  Any help would be great!  Thanks, Tina
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