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Re: [IP] gory pictures


You are showing classical symptoms of sensitivity to whatever adhesive tape
you are using.  Are there any sets that are kinder to your skin.

I just came out of the hospital and on an allergy bracelet was a note that I
was sensitive to plastic tape.  Nobody ever read  the bracelet and it wasn't
until I was losing chunks of skin did anyone pay attention to what they were

Good luck to you!


> > For anyone who is interested, I've put  a picture of how my site is
> > irritated from the tape. I feel it is definitely the tape, as it happens
> > only where the tape is placed. The IV Prep is usually put on in a big
> > circle all around the site before I place the tape on.
> > http://www.kinzelman.com/diabetes/site-irr-1.jpg
> it doesn't look too bad in the picture. ;) it's interesting though,
> it only looks irritated around the edges, and in a few wrinkled areas.
> wish i had some good ideas on how to help!
> liz - ottawa, who just changed her set.
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