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[IP] Re: D-Tron Plus cartridiges

Hal or Jo:

I'm really curious about your experiences with keeping Novolog in your pump.  
 I use velosulin and keep it in my pump until empty, roughly 6 days. I use 
Tender 2's so I go through two set changes in this time frame, but the 
insulin and tubing stays the full 6 days. The NovoLog literature says you 
need to change the reservior of insulin "at intervals of 48 ahours or less." 
Changing my cartridges that often would not make the switch worth my while.   
Since the D-Tron uses glass cartridges, my thought is that the insulin should 
be stable the entire 6 days.   What is your experience, please let me know.   

Mike DeBonis

Hi John,

As a long time D-Tron and D-Tron Plus user, and a long time Insight software
user, I wanted to tell you that I agree with you on everything you said (see
below), except regarding the use of Lilly prefilled cartridges.   About six
months ago, some members of my Insulin Pump Support Group decided to try an
experiment (we were all on Lilly Humalog) and about half of us switched, to
Novolog.   This included the CDE who runs our meetings.   All of us liked the
Novolog somewhat better.   No one wanted to switch back to Humalog.   So, for
me, not only does the Novolog work better, it is less expensive to purchase
than Humalog.

I can set down and fill 10 to 15 cartridges in about 5 minutes time.   I have
discovered a shortcut that, for me, is easier and less time consuming than
what Disetronic recommends.   For example, I don't use the red apparatus they
provide to hold the empty cartridge and syringe before loading the cartridge.
I simply stick a needle in the top of an empty cartridge to vent the air
inside,   then I use anything relatively small, such as an 18 gauge needle 
the cover on it mounted on one of the old plastic syringes, to push the
plunger from the bottom to the top of the empty cartridge.   That takes just 
few seconds, then I fill one of the plastic syringes with 3.0 - 3.3 ml of
Novolog and insert its needle in the top of the empty cartridge and push on
the plunger of the syringe.   The Novolog flows into the cartridge and
typically causes very few, if any, bubbles. Relatively fast, easy, and less
expensive.   Sure my insurance pays for my insulin, but what the heck, if I 
save them some money, I will.

But each to his own.   As we always say YVMV. I hope and trust that you like
your D-Tron Plus and Insight software as much as I like mine.

Best regards,

Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 16:49:06 -0600
From: "John W. Griffin, Jr." <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: D-tron Plus questions
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