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[IP] carb counting

when I got diabeasties about 40 years ago my doctor gave me a pad of 
suggested meal plans these menus also had the " exchange values" of 
many foods on them. one exchange was the equivalent (if I still 
remember of a slice of white bread). you got a diet prescription at 
that time of so many calories per day. then you were told to run 
around all day on just what your prescription was written for. there 
were no blood glucose tests at that  time. we used pee tests which 
later i found out were not useful. when i learned to carb count I  
still converted every food to a bread exchange and converted that to 
grams of carbs. old habits die slowly. I remember Tab being the best 
replacement for Diet Coke which came several years later.

A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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