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Re: [IP] glucowatch...........anyone using one???????????

Well, we were victims of modern technology (dare I say a little too
modern?).  The Glucowatch was out, and we bit at the idea.  It sounded
great--and I think it will be once it does what it is suppose to.
    One nice thing about it is that it can hold up to 8,500 readings.  I
wish my meter would do that!  Though I try to chart bg's more often then
every 8,500, it was a comfort to me to know I had that much history.
    A set back to us, though, was that it is $700 for the watch kit and then
$7.50 for each Auto Sensor, and you have to change those every day!  That
sure does add up, especially when you end up blood bg testing anyhow.  It
takes two hours to "warm up" before it will start reading.  If it loses
contact with skin, or is bumped often the next 3+ readings will just be
"SKIP" which means you have to finger-stick anyway.

    I think it's a great idea and can work well with some more research and
work done on it.  Also, I have been terribly displeased with the company
(Sankyo, etc.)  and their service.  Also, they are not taking any watches
back from the many people who are so very displeased.  Doesn't sit well with
the insurance companies.

    I sure hope they are able to work out the kinks with a more reliable
company.  Happy Pumping!
Lisa, Type 1, pumping w/Paradigm

mum of two type 1 daughters
 8 y/o pumping w/Cozmo

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> still asking.............. there must be more than 1 person out there
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> i would like to hear some  + and  -'s  about it...thanks
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