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[IP] antipersperant question

For those of you whol have used antiperspirant to keep sites stuck during
heat/sweating: Do you use an iv prep wipe and then apply the antiperspirant?
does this affect how sterile the area is? Exactly what type of antiperspirant
you use? Do you use this without any other product, i.e. mastisol?
I find it easier and have less problems with my tape not sticking changing my
site before the shower that way my skin is not warm and tacky. I use the IV
prep and wait til the prep spot is dried and sticky to the touch then put in
the site - I use sils. I use Gillette dry solid around the site afterwards -
after taking a shower. I have never used mastisol-a.k.a gorilla snot ;-). Sils
have always worked best for me. The tape IV 3000, always made me sweat. The
sils tape is all I need and I like it because it seems to be a more breathable
material. Happy pumping! Sharon B
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