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Hi Everyone,    I have tried the glucowatch, and I really want to get
one. I saw my blood sugar actually fluctuate in ways and at times I
didn't expect. I think if I wore one I would see some trends I am
missing. My pattern has always been a challenge, is getting better, but
sometimes I work the night shift, etc., and I am not sure what my levels
are going to do, I think that this device would also be wonderful for
people who have hypoglycemic unawareness. I think that there are some
ways to improve the current watch... but that isn't going to keep me from
getting some of the benefits, I feel the say way about pumps... I wanted
one that would also measure my blood sugar, but until that happens, I am
loving the pump i have, i have had diabetes for 27 years now, and started
out with the urine testing, so, any advances and new equipment is nice to
 be able to see if it has a place. BUT I WANT A CURE! That won't change,
Love to all,                                                        Gail


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