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[IP] Glucowatch

email @ redacted writes:
>  Don't give it to our Gson but do send it back to the company and ask for a 
>full refund.  These poeple are selling a product that, in MY opinion, should 
>not even be on th market yet.  It does not do what it was intended to do and 
>the thing costs a small fortune to own and operte.
>I will give them credit for working in the right direction on a product that 
>may some day do what it is suppose to do.  But meanwhile, you have given it a 
>good try now turn it in and get your money back and wait for the next 
>generation product to come out!
>mom to Joshua
  Many of us are in this position with the glucowatch, they are not about to let
any one return it. I tried, it does not matter how inaccurate it is, they just
kept wanting me to buy more auto sensors (which cost alot) so that I could try
with a
 different batch. In my opinion a reputable company would, if they though some
one had received a bad batch of sensors, send them some free ones to trouble
shoot with so that people would keep supporting their product.
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