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Re: [IP] Hating Diabetes

 I am taking Early Childhood Education in September and often wonder how I'm
expected to hold a full time job when I'm done???? - what if I need to miss work
cause I'm sick??
 I'm taking the course cause I really want to and love working with kids - right
now I babysit during the days and it has been great for the 2 1/2 years I've
done it I've only missed maybe 5 days due to illness and all cause I had the
flu, mind you I only work about 3-4 days a week AND luckily I can still work
when my suagrs are high etc, but working in a "real" job won't be as easy. The
family I work for is amazing and they have the grandparents as backup if I ever
need to call in sick last minute - and I know I can call them at work and one of
them would come home right away if I ever needed to - but luckily never have
exceppt when my Gramma passed away.

 But will my boss understand? will they be able to find someone last minute? I
guess I won't know till I get there!! Hopefully by then I'll have really good
tight control and be fine, but if not what can I do? - Marry rich have some kids
and babysit a few extras in my home - thats my real dream ( really I just want
to babysit!) but will it happen?? who knows and if not I'll need to get myself a
real good job with medical coverage cause I cost just over $12,000 a year in

 Go to Veterinary school, you'll have a few years to get things under complete
control before you hit the work force, if you don't and pass up your dream
you'll really regret it later.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

. I want to apply to veterinary 
> schoolthis fall, but how can I get that far if I can't even 
> control this stupid
> disease that so many people seem to control so well.
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