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[IP] Filling Animas Cartridges

email @ redacted writes:
>I could use a helpful hint on getting rid of air bubbles when filling 
>the Animas cartridge.  I've tried filling them with insulin right out of 
>the fridge AND at room temperature.  Either way, I almost always get air 
>bubbles. Tapping the cartridge with my finger doesn't eliminate them, 
>and the more I push the insulin back into the bottle to try filling it 
>again, the more "disturbed" the liquid becomes.  Thus....more air 
>bubbles.  I've been a pump user less than a month and this is definitely 
>the most annoying part of pumping for me.
>- -- 
  What the Animas CDE taught me when I got my pump was to start by leaving about
50u of air in the cartridge and fill it full of more insulin than you will need.
Then tap this mega bubble to the top (this should be easy because it is so
large) don't
 worry about the tiny "champagne bubbles," then push the air back into the
bottle. This should make it easier, I know once you start tapping at little
bubbles every thing becomes a bubbly mess, so try to keep one big bubble and not
stress about the
little ones.
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