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[IP] Joslin Clinic in Boston

I am surprised to read the negative postings about the Joslin Center in
Boston. I went 
there from 1993-1995 and saw Gordon Weir, who I believe is still there and
was on 
top of a lot of research (I see his name today in research trials). I was
sorry to leave 
Joslin in 1995 when I moved to New York and it took me awhile before I
another doctor who I thought was as capable and on top of things as my
Joslin doc.

I'm now planning a move back to the area and like the idea that the eye
unit and 
endocrine units are under one roof, as well as the ongoing research coming
out of the 
place. For the record, Dr. Weir recommended I go on a pump back in 1994 and
I was 
definitely not eating a strict Type 1 meal plan back in those days (I went
on the pump 
later, in 2000, but it wasn't for my Joslin doctor's lack of expertise on
it; I just wasn't 
ready to consider it at the time).

Are there others who go to the Boston Joslin Center currently who are
pleased with 
the care there, particularly as pumpers and/or women who are thinking
over the next few years? It seems like the people who wrote negatively
about it 
haven't been there in awhile.

--Cheryl Alkon
IDDM since 1977
Pumping since 2000

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