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[IP] Siiouette problems

We began to have similar problems with my  son's 
sillouettes.  He noticed that they were crimping just 
where the canula comes out.  This was hard for me to see 
without  magnification, but, his 8 year old eyes picked it 
up.  We actually had a couple of them back out of the skin 
after crimping.  This problem had never happened before 
the change in the sils made for the inserter.  We switched 
to the quick set and have had better luck.
Lisa, mother to Eric 8 
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 11:53:08 -0600
From: "Barbara Ziegler" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] ongoing site problems

I have been having great difficulties with my sites, and 
am looking for ideas.
I use a MM 507C, sillouettes, and an inserter. I have been 
pumping for 10
years, and using sils for about 3 years. Part of the 
problem is scar
tissue--I can no longer use my lower abdomen. I am slim, 
and short, so other
areas are limited. I'm using my flank mostly, and some 
tries at upper abdomen
(this is a problem because of little fat, though.)

I have been having bad sites, and don't know what the 
problem is. Yesterday I
changed 4 times (#5 is in today) because of very high BG 
and ketones. The
cannulas were not kinked or bent, but there was a small 
amount of blood on 2
of them. These weren't in scar tissue areas, so absorption 
should have been
good. The angle of insertion may be a problem, but I'm an 
experienced user,
and am not really doing anything different. I also have 
had times when the
site is fine for 24 hours or so, and then apparently 
something changes because
my BG's go up to the 300-400s plus ketones.

Can anybody help? I have talked to my physician's office, 
and MM, but no
genuine help. The pump is OK, the insulin is OK, and I 
haven't been ill.
Plus this is a sporadic problem over many months. I'm very 
frustrated because
I can't figure it out. Changing out sites this many times 
costs a lot in time
and money, plus the high blood sugar problems certainly 
concern me.
Barbara Ziegler
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