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[IP] Joslin and how soon to start on a pump

I currently go to the Joslin clinic in Boston and am very happy with the 
doctor I see (Howard Wolpert).  Like any place, there will be excellent 
people as well as clueless people.  ~5 months after diagnosis, when I was 
seeing a dr I did not like (see below) I went to Joslin's DOIT program 
which was a weeklong education program.  The facilitator was asking the 
type 1's if they were on insulin.  Like DUH..  Also once when I didn't 
have my act together to make an appt on time, I had to schedule with a CDE 
instead.  Continuous monitoring came up in conversation and it was around 
the time the glucowatch was released and I asked her about if she had had 
any experience with it and she didn't know what I was talking about.  But 
I used the opportunity of attending DOIT to talk to many workers there to 
get connections to eventually determine an endo I wanted to switch to. 
[side note to Roger Campbell- btw, my Joslin ID# from 3 years ago when I 
started there is in the two hundred thousands (2xx xxx)]  As for the 
research focus there, I have participated in several studies, some they 
just wanted my blood, others I got to trial new things like Lantus and the 
Cozmo pump.  I like being close to the research action to participate or 
just find out about new things happening.  Plus I get free parking :-)

When I was first diagnosed in 9/99 my local dr told me about a pump and 
that I didn't want one.  Over the next few months as I went through 
enlightenment, I found insulin-pumpers and John Walsh's Stop the 
Rollercoaster book, then searched for a new endo.  At my first appointment 
with Dr. Wolpert before I brought up the pump subject he did first.  I 
started 7 months after diagnosis and if I had been able to start 7 hours 
after diagnosis that would have been preferable.  Drawing up insulin and 
taking shots is not a complex skill that requires months to master and 
carb counting can be figured out easier on the pump when you don't have 
long acting insulin interferance.

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