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Re: [IP] help my site is extremly itchy

Hello All!
    I have been in and out of the hospital with one of my daughters, lately,
and will explain my experiences soon in hope of getting somewhat of an
explanation from you all.  BUT... until then, I have been following this
    We had experiences very similar to Linda's with the infusion sets.  We
went through lots of allergy testing and never could figure out the problem
nor the allergy.  Because these break-outs were threatening to cause us to
have to stop pumping, I went on a hard-core search for something that would
work.  After looking at supplements, over-the-counter things, nutritionists,
Allergy doctors and medications, I could not believe that the solution was
right under my nose.  Benadryl cream!  We apply this just before inserting
the infusion set, let it dry a little, and insert right through it.  Never a
day's trouble since!  It's been wonderful to finally have relief.  You can
find this cream at your local Giant, Safeway, 7-11, or whatever--Not
difficult to find.
    I hope you find something to work for you soon, I know how hard this can
be--as if we don't have enough to worry about already!  *wink*  Good day,
Lisa, Type 1 pumping w/Paradigm

mom of 2 type 1 daughters.
 6 y/o pumping w/Cozmo

----- Original Message -----
> > Hello every one. well day 7 on my Dtron plus and really love it, in
> > this short
> > time my life has improved tremendously. I feel much better than I
> > have in a
> > long time. But the itching is driving me nuts. is there something to
> > help this
> > problem. Thanks
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