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Re: [IP] Filling Animas cartridges

Making sure that you don't have a vaccum inside the bottle of insulin before
attempting to extract insulin from it will help this dramatically.

In order to insure positive air pressure inside the vial of insulin, you 
need to inject at least as much air into the vial as insulin you will be
taking out before you attempt to fill your new cartridge.

If you hear a sucking sound when pulling the cartridge needle from
the insulin vial, you have a vaccum and need to inject some air first.


--- Jp Brennan <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I could use a helpful hint on getting rid of air bubbles when filling 
> the Animas cartridge.  I've tried filling them with insulin right out of 
> the fridge AND at room temperature.  Either way, I almost always get air 
> bubbles. Tapping the cartridge with my finger doesn't eliminate them, 
> and the more I push the insulin back into the bottle to try filling it 
> again, the more "disturbed" the liquid becomes.  Thus....more air 
> bubbles.  I've been a pump user less than a month and this is definitely 
> the most annoying part of pumping for me.
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