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[IP] Glucowatch

I have been using the Glucowatch for about three weeks and not sure
why.The first two to three times all I got was Skip,Skip,Skip. I finally
got it to work for about 50% of the total daily readings.The problem was
that there where gaps of one to two hours between readings.I compared
the readings with my One-Touch readings and they are about 30-40%
apart.So the question is how does this help me with my control? I am in
a undecided period at this time ,use it or give it up.

The other problem i have is the skin irritation. I have to shave my arms
to place the watch for good contact.After shaving the hair off three
weeks ago the skin is scabbing and very dry.i was thinking a couple of
days after its use it would be healed,no way.I am in the process of
debating whether to continue to use it or give to the grandson as a
sky-king space watch.

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