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Re: [IP] site adhesion

Hi, I find that I dont really need anything in the winter time as was
suggested to me a few months back on this group because of itching. The only
thing I find is that if I sweat a lot like when I work out I may need some
tape afterwards. The summer is coming so we shall see. You wouldn`t know it
was April though we got 20cm of snow last night in Hamilton.
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> Josh would not be pumping if not for the MAstisol
> because NOTHING would stick to his skin.  And when we did 10 days in
> Florida
> last summer we had absolutely NO troubles with his sites, including
> swimming
> every day.  He can do the hot tub for an hour and his sites will not
> budge.
> So. . . . . does anyone else not use any sort of prep?  Mine does just as
> well on bare skin, and the IV prep makes me itch.  And have ugly red
> splotches for about a week.  Yuck.  So far, I'm doing OK with no prep,
> but I'm wondering how I'll do in the pool this summer.  Has anyone else
> not used anything and NOT had trouble in water?  I still have some IV
> preps, in case I need to go back.
> TIA!
> Anita
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