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Re: [IP] site adhesion


  You said you have tried MAstisol and it doesn't work for you....I need to 
ask, when you applied the Mastisol on to you site area did you fan it some to 
allow it to get tacky/sticky, before inserting the site?  The reason I ask is 
because when we first started using Mastisol on Josh we did NOT fan and the 
sites literally slid right off of him.  I was SOOOO disappointed.  Then I 
talked with a friend who suggested the fanning and VOILA!!!  We have never 
had any more trouble.  Josh would not be pumping if not for the MAstisol 
because NOTHING would stick to his skin.  And when we did 10 days in Florida 
last summer we had absolutely NO troubles with his sites, including swimming 
every day.  He can do the hot tub for an hour and his sites will not budge.  
But ya gotta fan that sucker first and let it get tacky before inserting the 

Good Luck!!!

mom to Joshua
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