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[IP] Soft Touch Lancing Device

DEB555 wrote:
 >. It is the very last of my original soft-touch lancing devices. I've 
tried many, but this one is
 >perfect for me. Too bad they discontinued making them.

and Wayne Mitzner wrote:
 >Who made soft touch.  The B-D adjustable one is pretty good too.

I don't know who made it. It doesn't say on the device itself and the box 
is (very) long gone.  I do remember calling whatever company it was several 
years ago and was told that they were discontinued. They are manufactured 
now in a newer (adjustable) version that I don't like at all.  There are 
other brands that use the same concept, but this is the only one I've found 
that suits me so well.
I'm going to dig through my box of old/extra D supplies and see if I can't 
find one that I forgot about.
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