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[IP] Joslin Clinic in Boston

email @ redacted writes:
>I couldn't agree more with this posting.  I used the Joslin from 1976
>(diagnosis) until the mid 80's.  I would never go back to them even though I
>live in Boston.  They are a fine research institute but I don't enjoy being
>treated like a research rat.  They were only interested in numbers - weight,
>blood glucose, insulin units.  They were very rigid about diet.  I was a
>vegetarian at the time and they absolutely couldn't help me with my strange
>meatless diet.  I believe it is where I developed anorexia because they had
>the old rule 100 pounds for 5 feet tall and one additional pound for each inch
>there after.  (I am 5 ft. 5 inches) While I was never seriously over weight I
>couldn't make that exact 125 pounds I was suppose to be.  I was constantly
>told I was overweight.  It drove me nuts and made me feel I was a bad
>diabetic.  Now, of course i am still my 5 feet five inches but weigh only 112
>pounds.  I wonder what they'd say now....I get most of my care from my
>internist whom I adore and have seen for about 12 years now.  serena dx'd '76,
>pumping since '89

  Wow, another vegetarian who was harassed at Joslin. I grew up vegetarian and
they could never deal with this at Joslin. They actually told my parents it was
bad for control (I got a kick out of the recent Diabetes Forecast article on
 control by trying to become a vegetarian hehe....). If you were not eating
three servings of meat a day those meal plans were useless; and any pathetic
attempt to count beans as meat never worked, they just don't act on the bg in
the same way.
  You're right they definitely had some weird thing with weight going on, though
they did not seem as extreme by the time I was there. I was also repeatedly told
I was fat as a kid and looking back I was quite skinny. Once at one of there
 camps they put me on a starvation meal plan where I lost 10 lbs in two weeks (I
was a small 10 year old at the time so that was alot of weight). When I was 14
my parents finally let me refuse to go back to the main Joslin, and that was not
a moment
 too soon, I was already starting to lose it over food, was a times not eating
and felt completely guilty when ever I did.
  It seems we both escaped Joslin to find our pump. I'm glad you have a Dr you
like. If you ever want to see an Endo Erin and I have one who we would love to
recommend to any one. We've got to get him on the pump list, I know I have not
put him on
yet, need to get access to do that.
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