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[IP] Re: exercises for back pain? - yeah, quite OT :)

       Unless this has been changed, you don't need a referral to go to a 
chiropractor in Ontario (I have been out of Ontario for 17months now).  
However, most or all of them do charge above the rate that OHIP pays them.  
And at my initial visit I had to pay for expensive ($80) x-rays. 
       I can also testify about the amazing results I had from chiropractic 
treatment.  My best friend is a physiotherapist and does NOT like them at 
all.  A good chiropractor might be willing to work around the lack of money 
on your part, as they make a fortune.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

<<anyway, in order for me to see a physiotherapist or chiropractor - at least
> if any of it is to be billed to provincial health insurance - i need my 
> gp's
> referral.  i just can't afford to go see anyone who isn't covered by ohip.
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