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Re: [IP] exercises for back pain? - yeah, quite OT :)

> i'm not exactly all that up on chiropractors, which i'm sure work, but i'm
> uneasy about them.
> anyway, in order for me to see a physiotherapist or chiropractor - at
> if any of it is to be billed to provincial health insurance - i need my
> referral.

[GROAN!!]  I was thinking you might be able to get in to see one sooner than
you saw your doctor.  Not only does that not help, but some doctors are not
willing to acknowledge any value in chiropractic care.

Well, if it is at all possible, I'd urge you to at the very least, seek
chiropractic care before you undergo any surgery.  They can sometimes help
you avoid surgery, but once you've had it, they are very limited as to what
they can do.

As to your uneasiness with them, I think, unfortunately, that it is
occasionally warranted.  It can be hard to find a good one.  I was going to
suggest asking around for recommendations, but that won't work if you must
go to one your gp refers you to.

I really hate it when insurance requires a referral in order to go to
anybody else.  I think it is downright stupid, and results in extra
unnecessary visits.  It wastes your time AND your gp's, which is probably
part of why it takes so long to get in to be seen there.

Unfortunately, medical care costs so much that you don't have much choice.
You have to do what insurance dictates.  Wish I could change that, but I

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