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Re: [IP] DST Change and Quarterly Lancet Change Reminder

> The reason I change lancet needles after feeling the "thud" actually
> less to bacteria and more to wanting to feel less pain with testing. :-)
> those who are reusing your needles a lot: Do your lancets seem to stay as
> efficient at skin puncture as newer needles?

They absolutely do not.  That is one of the reasons why I finally change
lancets, because I keep having to stab deeper and deeper to get the same
amount of blood.  Sometimes I blame it on the lancets, other times I think
I'm getting too thick of callouses.

I had been blaming it on callouses, but changed my lancet the other day.  Lo
and behold, there was the cause!  I was able to set it for a shallower
setting, and still get lots more blood with less trouble.  (If only I could
exchange my calloused fingers so easily!)

> Please be patient with me: I am relatively new to the world of Type 1
> treatment and testing, having just been diagnosed last year at age 49.

Hey, asking questions can help you learn things without going the hard
way -- with experience.  Ask any questions you want to.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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