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[IP] breakfast and fruit revisited

I happened to look at the calorie king book that the Nice Animas people sent
me. In the book, eating an apple is better than drinking juice because the
juice has more sugar and is less filling. And eating fiber foods is best
because it is more filling. So I ate 1/2 a whole wheat bagel and a smaller
size apple - bolused correctly 3.5 and was at 135 two hours later! It worked!
I am now encouraged!

I also bought The Glucose Revolution Life Plan by Jennie Brand-Miller, PHD,
etc. which had lots of references to the type 1 diabetic diet and healthy
eating with fiber, etc. It looks a good reference - I am not sure I am going
to try all the recipes - my family will be looking for a new Mom!

Changes can happen - I just haven't told them I have been adding flax seed
meal to their food for some time now. Flax seed meal supposedly attaches to
the fats and food releasing them through the digestion process rather than
letting the fats stick to arteries. Take care Sharon B.
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