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Re: [IP] RE: help my site is extremly itchy -- long

I've noticed that it depends on where I put the infusion. If I place it on 
my lower stomach (like over the ovaries or right below the belie button) I 
have no problems with itching etc. But if I place it on my midriff,  it's 
totally opposite... burning, itching and just plain awful. Maybe you could 
experiment with a few other locations on your body. For me I think it's 
because certain areas of skin on my body are more sensitive. For instance, 
I remember when I was little and I would wash the dishes by hand in the 
kitchen sink. The area above my wrist would always break out in a very 
itchy rash, but all the other skin like on my hands was fine.

>Hello every one. well day 7 on my Dtron plus and really love it, in this 
>short time my life has improved tremendously. I feel much better than I 
>have in a long time. But the itching is driving me nuts. is there 
>something to help this problem. Thanks
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