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RE: [IP] Being sloppy?


I've found Calorie King's 2003 Calorie and Carb book a great resource and it
is small enough to carry around.  It costs $10 for the book and shipping.
Plus they have many on-line and PDA tools.  The web site is
www.calorieking.com.  My CDE recommended the book to me.  I've even sent one
to my mom who is a Type 2 who wanted to understand more about carb counting.
Also, I've found that several fast food restaurants will provide nutrition
brochures if you ask.  Sure does help with the carb counting!

I have been a Type 1 for 33 years and just started pumping in December 2003,
using the Paragigm.  My latest A1c was 6.5!!!  Down from 8.5.

Good Luck!

T1, dxd 1969, Paradigm pumper since 12/02

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I'm in a funk lately. I'm getting sloppy.

Anyone have some suggestions to get out of this funk? I've started to
track my BS and food (a FIRST for me) just to try and kick start things

I'm getting sloppy with carb-counting, any suggestions there? Small books
or something I can carry around to help me out?


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