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[IP] Joslin Clinic- Boston

email @ redacted writes:
>I couldn't agree more about Joslin. Actually I'm from RI and for some reason 
>alot of our DR's here are in the dark ages when it comes to D. I have had 6 
>different endos in 15 years and only with my most recent (the God sent Dr. 
>Dobrynzsky)have I even been asked about getting on a pump, and that's because 
 >he is Diabetic and wears one too ;-) It kind of surprises me since supposedly
>we are supposed to have some of the best hospitals in the states here.
>Erin, Dx in 1987 at age 12
>pumpin 2 1/2 weeks

  God sent Dr Dobrynzsky to me too!!! I just can't imagine how finding a Dr that
good after all these years of struggle could be a chance. My life has been very
blessed in the last year. Dr D put me on the pump last July. I can't believe we
 both his patients. Isn't he great? I was diagnosed in '87 too, only I was seven
at the time. Hey, we deserve one good Dr in 16 years don't we?
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