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[IP] Last Night

Let me tell you about my night. Hypo was the theme last night. I was such a
mess I thought I was going to die. Thank God my oldest son knows me so well
and that my wife was home to take care of me. This morning as my wife and I
discussed the happenings of last evening and how I got there, I learned a
couple of things. Be sure your spouse, partner or roommate knows how to do
things as fluently as you do when you are alert and aware. For instance,
how to operate the Accu-Check softclix pen for taking a blood sugar. In
times of stress, this is not the easiest thing to figure out. She finally
chucked the thing down the hall and used a new lancet out of the package.
When I asked her the whereabouts of the new lancet, she said "I threw it
out". I laughed with her after telling her I usually only change that once
or twice a year. Next was suspension of my pump. Thank you Mini Med for
making the Paradigm easy to figure out. After a couple of button presses
with the help of my son, that was done. Now this whole mess started with
skiing as usual over the weekend. Blood sugars were super all weekend, came
home last night unpacked and sat down to eat. Quiche, hmm haven't had that
in a long long time. So I read the box, counted the carbs and bolused. Pre
supper bs was 74. At supper, last thing I remember was coming to around
11pm. This morning reviewed the blood sugar readings and they were as
stated 74 at 6pm, 32 at 8:30pm, and then they read as follows, 54, 84, back
down to 41 then up to 132.  I figure the following as the cause of the
event. Not keeping the temp basal going longer after skiing all day and
misjudging in carb counting at supper time dropped me off the scale. I'll
try not to do that again.

Michael Chambers
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