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[IP] Re: Newly dxd. how soon to pump?

In my opinion, it's never too soon to start pumping.  When I was first
diagnosed in March of last year, after doing research with the help of this
site, I wanted to start pumping almost immediately.  My doctor and CDE at
the time wouldn't let me though, saying I needed to first learn how to do
MDI's, carb counting, etc. for a few months.  After starting the injections,
I mistakenly thought I might be able to achieve the same control without a
pump, and vacillated for the next couple of months.  Then I met a great CDE
who referred me to a great Endo who believes in putting her patients on the
pump ASAP, while other doctors want to wait until the Honeymoon period is
over.  I'm so glad I found her and started pumping when I did (5 months
after diagnosis).  If it had been under my control, I would've started even

dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02 clear Paradigm
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