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Re: [IP] Being sloppy?

Yes, the f-u-n-k time.  Bet many can relate!
Carb counting---Go to a bookstore, or source, maybe more than one if you can,
look thru books to see which contain the foods you eat.  The USDA has a
fairly small one which has stuff I use.  I have the ADA and a Corrine
Nester's complete book.  (I curse looking things up in this, it is like
phone books, some yellow pages are easier to use than others!)
Find one that you can relate to, is easiest for you to use, even if that
means more than one!
I do not know if you are a Type 1 or 2.  I do know as a 2, things change,
sometimes different foods call for different carb ratios.  Seems there are
more variables affecting control with a Type 2 IMO.  Linda K

> I'm in a funk lately.
> I'm getting sloppy with carb-counting,
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