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[IP] Re: Time Change was Re: Crazy Boluses - MM phone call

 From: Linda Zottoli <email @ redacted>

>> OK, I changed my pump clock at about that time last night, by adding 1
> to the hour.  That put the time at 12:45 a.m. on April 5.  So I went in
> again and changed the day <gr.>.  But if I had left it, I presume my
> pump history would have shown all yesterday's boluses and all today's
> boluses as April 5, so about twice the normal TDD for the day.
> Linda Z

Hi Linda

Would you have received a warning then of too much insulin delivered? I
guess all pumps have different warnings.
I changed the time on my Animas IR 1000 Sat night around  11:00PM  and
manually forwarded the date by 1day as per instructions in the manual., p
It didn't occur to me to reset the date on Sunday so today my history for
this morning's basals and boluses  was marked as April 8 and yesterday's
April 7.  I reset the correct date and called Animas.  They told me I did
the right thing in advancing the date on Sat night as otherwise a warning
and a siren alarm  would have sounded after two minutes indicating Insulin
Limits Exceeded. There is no way to correct the screwed up history, but at
least I avoided the siren alarm which would have driven me batty as the
electricity was off and I was working under a battery operated lamp.
OK everybody, now check that YOUR pumps are at the right date. :-)

Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
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