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[IP] re: joslin clinic in boston

I couldn't agree more with this posting.  I used the Joslin from 1976
(diagnosis) until the mid 80's.  I would never go back to them even though I
live in Boston.  They are a fine research institute but I don't enjoy being
treated like a research rat.  They were only interested in numbers - weight,
blood glucose, insulin units.  They were very rigid about diet.  I was a
vegetarian at the time and they absolutely couldn't help me with my strange
meatless diet.  I believe it is where I developed anorexia because they had
the old rule 100 pounds for 5 feet tall and one additional pound for each inch
there after.  (I am 5 ft. 5 inches) While I was never seriously over weight I
couldn't make that exact 125 pounds I was suppose to be.  I was constantly
told I was overweight.  It drove me nuts and made me feel I was a bad
diabetic.  Now, of course i am still my 5 feet five inches but weigh only 112
pounds.  I wonder what they'd say now....I get most of my care from my
internist whom I adore and have seen for about 12 years now.  serena dx'd '76,
pumping since '89
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