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Re: [IP] ongoing site problems

  Can anybody help?  I have talked to my physician's
> office, and MM, but no
> genuine help.  The pump is OK, the insulin is OK,
> and I haven't been ill.
> Plus this is a sporadic problem over many months. 
> I'm very frustrated because
> I can't figure it out. Changing out sites this many
> times costs a lot in time
> and money, plus the high blood sugar problems
> certainly concern me.

..............> Barbara 
Just curious how old are you? I'm 50 and realized that
the last 2-3 years of sporadic high BS had to be
caused by premenopausal symptoms. Now when I see BS up
for no apparent reason I automatically raise my
boluses and basals by 40%. The trick is knowing when
to lower them without experiencing to many lows. I
think the hormones must make me very insulin
resistant. Instead of changing out your sites, take an
injection to determine if it's pump related or your
body. I may be way off base, but I do know it can be
very frustrating. good luck. meg>

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