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From: Phyllis Abram <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2003 9:56 AM
Subject: Paradigm infusion sets.

> As you can imagine, after 53 years on insulin including 15 on pumps (the
> Paradigm at present), I am running low on good sites.
> I use the Silhouette and insert manually also for the same reason you do.
> have Quick-Sets and the serter for them. I also use the long tubing.The
> fairly unused places for insertion are the rear and the hips. I always
> jeans during the day and was concerned that the pressure of the jeans and
> especially when sitting, even if I inserted in the side portion of my
> it would irritate or hurt. What is your experience with this?
> Phyllis  email @ redacted

Hello Phyllis,
    I injected insulin for 32 years before getting the pump a year ago and
it was only THEN that I learned I could use my upper abdomen!
I'm not a great resource, but I've been very impressed with the folks on
this list and I know we'll both get some great (and some very funny)
suggestions for new sites.
    Right now I'm using my abdomen, belly & hips.  I've seen posts that
refer to using the thighs, but I wear business slacks each day at work
(yes, this Lee is female) and think the pressure and moving fabric
would disturb the set.  I've seen the front & back body outline with the
little blue dots, but pumping seems different:  I used my buttocks a lot
with shots but can't see myself sitting on the infusion now.

Lee at Mt. Shasta - dxd 1971 - Paridigm Pumping since 4/02
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