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[IP] Advice on wearing a pump & working construction

Hi Cathy,

Well, I guess I'll weigh in too. Everyone has given you good advice 
though. I'm a developer but do work on-site for months at a time. To be 
honest, I go to MDI when on a project. NOT because the pump presents a 
problem but every piece of equipment on a construction job seems to get 
smashed at some point. I'm simply avoiding a showdown with my insurance 
company (read: big chicken and too cheap to buy one outright!). If I 
were to work year-round at construction sites and wanted to wear my 
pump, I would put it in a clip-n-go and stash that inside my tool belt 
for extra protection. Here is another tip for him. I wear my pump in a 
case that hangs around my neck (under my shirt). I have never bumped it 
or pulled tubing wearing it there. Sure enough though, my cell phone 
gets smashed (on hip)!  As for testing, I have a Classic case with a 
freeze pack in it. He can keep his case in the truck or on the site 
somewhere and everything will stay dust free and cool for the day.

It has always been my experience that there is running water or coolers 
with water on a job site but again, use wipes like suggested if there's 
no water source. The ADA magazine had at least two feature articles 
with contractors who went to pumps. See if you can find them in their 
archive section. If this site has taught me anything, it is this. 
Pumper's here have skydived, scuba dived, played football, soccer and 
done everything else on this planet without letting a pump get in their 
way. Like Jeff, if I chose to wear a pump daily at my job, I would make 
it work too. I'm just chicken about wrecking my pump but that's my 
call. Please don't take this as a non-endorsement for pumping at 
construction work. Just alert your friend to giving his pump a little 
extra protection.

Good luck.........Fred
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