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[IP] Re: exercises for back pain? - yeah, quite OT :)

> anyway, until i see the doc and get her advice (and hopefully a referral
to a
> physiotherapist that takes ohip), does anyone have any suggestions on
> stretches or exercises that might help relieve some of the pain?
> liz - who is a diabetic. <g>

Yep - see a backologist (some people call them chiropractors). Get some
XRays and let him/her gently manipulate the problem(s). You may be quite
surprised at the benefits. Pain meds relieve the pain (sometimes) but not
address the cause, and sterioids really do a number on the BG readings.
Since you've been this way for awhile and your body is used to the
positioning, it may take several treatments for relief. My backologist even
came to my BASH. YMMV

Jan - who is also a diabetic <vbg>

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