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Re: [IP] DST Change and Quarterly Lancet Change Reminder

It's good to know that long-term needle reuse has not been associated with 
infection . . . . This is in fact supported by the anecdotal evidence I've 
seen and heard, in spite of what health care providers say. 

The reason I change lancet needles after feeling the "thud" actually relates 
less to bacteria and more to wanting to feel less pain with testing. :-) For 
those who are reusing your needles a lot: Do your lancets seem to stay as 
efficient at skin puncture as newer needles? I have not personally tested 
this as I was following my CDE's "thud rule" suggestion and simply assumed 
from this that needles will become dull over time. 

Please be patient with me: I am relatively new to the world of Type 1 
treatment and testing, having just been diagnosed last year at age 49. 
Needles, insulin, glucometers, the pump . . . I had no idea. I commend all of 
you for hanging in there through everything you have encountered--the 
problems you have solved, the rollercoaster rides you have endured, the 
medical treatments you have faced, the challenges you have met. The only road 
map seems to be the one we ourselves create (with a little help from our 
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