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Re: [IP] DST Change and Quarterly Lancet Change Reminder

>Today is a very special occasion: I am changing both the device and the
>lancet since the old one device broke this morning. It is the very last of
>my original soft-touch lancing devices. I've tried many, but this type is
>perfect for me. Too bad they discontinued making them.

	Who made soft touch.  The B-D adjustable one is pretty good too.

>When on MDI I used syringes until I couldn't read the numbers on the
>syringe barrel any more.  I even injected through my clothes.
>I've read studies on both of these practices that show no harmful effects
>including risk of infection. Sorry, Wayne, I can't cite the references. ;-)
>And no, we aren't kidding.  Deb555

	Well, not to worry, since i actually have read that reference 
deb, and it is pretty convincing. No signs of infection or increased 
white cell count or anything else that would indicate a problem with 
injecting through clothes.  my original CDE nurse actually recommend 
people do that if convenient.
   I would never suspect you of kidding ;-)
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