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[IP] Insulin Pumpers Canada (Teensy weensy bit long)

Hi IPers!!

Thank you for your warm welcomes :)  My name is Barb Chafe.  I am first and
foremost, mom to Erica the Canadian Butterfly.  I am also friend to Darrin
Parker (IPC webmaster), co-founder of Insulin Pumpers Nova Scotia ( now
Insulin Pumpers Canada- Nova Scotia Division), executive director of Insulin
Pumpers Canada, and HUGE fan of Michael, the admin gang at IPorg and our
pumping friends who we have developed over the years.

Replace IP?? Never! Not Possible! Not A Chance!   With Michael's blessing
however, we hope to enhance what IPorg already does by providing further
connections within Canada.

Our mission is:  To promote insulin pump therapy and help users optimize its
benefits by providing support, education, information and advocacy for people
with diabetes, their families, health care professionals, and the general

This is presently being done via public support/education meetings and the
ability to provide the services will be further enhanced by our National
website. Those who we can't connect with in person, we can connect with in
cyberspace. We are ALL volunteers and members of the informal board we have in
place are driven by a passion to help others achieve what they have.  A new
life with insulin pump therapy.

All that is exciting for us......but what I really want to draw your attention
to is what follows -

Michael has been very generous with his compliments *blush*.  He has been a
little TOO generous with the credit he has given me, and is actually showing
that he is getting a little forgetful. Yes, perhaps he is slipping <VBG>
Michael himself is responsible for a lot of pump babes in Nova Scotia.
Honestly!!  Yep, they are popping them out left and right in the province of
Nova Scotia.  When Michael began sowing his seed a few years ago, I don't
think he realized how prolific he was!  He helped me and I in turn helped
others, who helped others, who helped others......  Pay it forward.

Michael are you blushing yet?  Probably not, you don't have time for that!!

To set the record straight about how/why we have had success here in Nova
Scotia, and are now *owners* of a National website, I think I have to go back
a few years.  It is impossible to relate all that Michael, the admin gang, and
friends we have made over the years have done to enrich our lives and
accelerate our growth.

Lets start with one of Michaels teeny weeny little seeds <g>
  a.. IP was one of the most important connections for us back in 97/98 when
it came to insulin pump therapy.There were only a few hundred members at that
time, but they were mighty!!  These people gave us support via phone calls and
email when we were trying to convince health care professionals and insurance
companies that insulin pump therapy would be beneficial to our daughter. Long
battle, looooooong battle, but it was a victorious one.  Erica has been
pumping now 4+ years.
  b.. IP provided the means for Darrin Parker and myself to meet years ago
when we were both in the pre-pump phase.  Darrin has since become a hero of
Erica's and a friend to the whole family. I think we both thought to ourselves
"hey...another Canadian eh" and got in touch.  We finally met......then he
moved away.  Erica has never forgiven him for that :)
  c.. IP members provided the suggestion that mixing insulins could extend the
life of an infusion site.  Without that bit of information which was without
any scientific backing, we would have had to give up on Erica pumping.That is
why I am big on tips and tricks.
  d.. IP and its members were instrumental in providing us information,
guidance, insight, input for my own little website www.canadianbutterfly.ca
Their input was invaluable to me, just a mom who was trying to make a
difference in her own community.  Universal support.  I told two people, and
they told two people, and they told two people......
  e.. Michael gave of his time (he must work on a 30 hr clock) to help me
develop literature when we (Darrin and I) first decided that perhaps we should
start a little local support group in the Halifax area and ask the pump
companies for a little $$ to pay for room rentals etc.  First year, one pump
company donated.  Second year they all donated.  Third year..I THINK WE WILL
ASK FOR MORE :)  We are so proud of the fact that they recognize we are
providing an unbiased service to their clients.
  f.. Michael also gave of his time and expertise when developing our first
article for publication in a provincial wide Diabetes Care Newsletter
published by a provincial health agency.  This quarterly publication, which is
sent out to all the diabetes education centers in Nova Scotia, has been key to
our acceptance by the health care profession in Nova Scotia.  Being affiliated
with an internationally respected site like IPorg was certainly in our
  g.. IP, and Michael's vision to have a Canadian connection, is why the
Insulin Pumpers Canada wesite was born :)  I held him off for awhile due to
time constraints (and I wanted to reel Darrin in as a webmaster <g>), but he
was itching to provide this special connection for Canadians.  When we had the
opportunity to help Michael achieve this dream......we were only too willing
to do it!!   Darrin has done an amazing job on the website - again with
Michael's help.
  h.. Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division, is making a difference
for people in Nova Scotia who deserve a better quality of live - emotionally
and physically.  We hold 6 meetings per year, submit articles for diabetes
publications, are holding our first annual Pump Expo where people can see all
the pumps available in Canada and gab with a bunch of very exhuberant pumpers
and parents of pumpers.  Besides our meetings, we produce newsletters, connect
with people via phone and email, provide networking, and pump pump pump!!!
Much of the information we provide to people who join us is from the IP site.
A resource without comparison in the pumping realm.  People sharing with
  i.. Darrin is working his butt off in Ontario now, not only with the website
but with a support group in which he is THE MAN!
  j.. Insulin Pumpers Canada Website will be the means to share our mission
nationally.  Connecting resources, support groups, people,

......and it all started with


Michael, Michael, Michael.  I have said it so many times, to you and others,
you are amazing, IPorg is amazing, the volunteers are amazing AND neither
myself of Darrin would be where we are right now if we hadn't ended up in the
Insulin-Pumpers.org website all those years ago.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISION!!!  We owe you so much.



Chair - Insulin Pumpers Canada - N. S. Div.
Visit us at the INSULIN PUMPER'S EXPO 2003, April 12, in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Check it out at:  http://barbchafe.tripod.com/PumpingInsulin/id18.html
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