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Re: [IP] RE: (IP) Advice on wearing a pump & working construction

> My old CDE said the key to anything is alcohol... If baby wipes, lotion,
> antibacterial gel etc...have alcohol in them if will screw with your
> test readings (either up or down).

I don't understand how this could be.  Well, I believe it is possible, but
if it is true, this knowledge doesn't seem to be acted upon by medical
professionals.  When I am in the hospital or doctor's office and it is time
to check my blood sugar, one of the things they offer me to use is an
alcohol swab to clean my finger.  I turn them down because I've heard that
the alcohol will thicken your skin and make it harder to get the blood if
you use it every time.

So I guess until that is explained to me, I'll use any old anti-bacterial
wipes I choose!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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