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Re: [IP] help my site is extremly itchy .

On Sun, 6 Apr 2003 01:12:53 -0400 "Blaine Arsenault"
<email @ redacted> writes:
> Hello every one. well day 7 on my Dtron plus and really love it, in 
> this short
> time my life has improved tremendously. I feel much better than I 
> have in a
> long time. But the itching is driving me nuts. is there something to 
> help this
> problem. Thanks

The IV Prep made me itch.  Apparently, I'm allergic.  I found out that
it's not necessary, just plug in to bare skin.  I use the Paradigm with
Quicksets, don't know much about the Disetronic.  

Happy Pumping!


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