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Re: [IP] exercises for back pain? - yeah, quite OT :)

> Is the pain only in your back?  Or is it going down one leg?  I had
> many years ago for herniated disks and my back has not been great since.
> When it flares up, I try a moist heated pad or an ice pack.  You may want
> try both and see which feels better.  I wouldn't suggest any exercises or
> stretches, since they may do more harm.  I'd wait to see the doctor and
> what he suggests.

the pain is now radiating all over the lower back and going down one leg.
problem is, my doctor is very busy, so i don't know when i'll get to see
her.  otc meds aren't doing any good, i don't have any t3's left, and the
walk in clinics aren't much good.

i'm having to work tomorrow, and i don't know exactly how i'm going to
manage that.  i think i may end up doing a lot of half-days this week.

liz - ottawa, saying ow ow ow!
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