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Re: [IP] Fruit with breakfast

My brother told me about a book called Natural Healing by John Soltanoff.
In this book he talks about eating food in the right combinations.  He
mentions eating fruit all by itself and never with any kind of starch.  What
happens is fruit is digested very quickly when eaten alone but eat it with a
piece of toast, and that will slow down digest by 2-3 hours because starches
are harder to digest.  So eating a high sugar fruit, although natural sugar
is better for you, it will stay in your system longer when eaten with any
starch, thus, I think causing elevated blood sugars for longer periods of
time.  I have eaten fruit alone for breakfast for a week, and my 2 hour
postprandials have been 159, 124, 119 vs. 288, 253, 207 when I ate cereal
for breakfast.  It says in the book diabetics end up lowering their Insulin
needs if they eat foods in the right combinations.  Well, I am willing to
give it a try and see if it works.  I'll let you know in a month when I get
my next A1c if it really works.

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> Does anyone have a problem with Fruit in the morning?  It seems like I
> can eat any kind of carb I want but if I eat fruit before 10:00 a.m. my
> 2 hour after meal BG goes over 200.  Anyone else have this lovely facet
> to their diabetic lives?
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