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[IP] Re: [IPn] Insulin Pumpers Canada

>I hope that our Canadian IP members will regard the new web site as an
>**additional** web site, and not as a replacement. We have benefited
>greatly from the wisdom of our Canadian members, and I would hope that
>they will take the attitude that the number of members on **this** web
>site will sometimes be a benefit to them in solving the problems that
>keep turning up, and that they will continue to participate in this web
>site. It's also clear to me that there are some problems and issues that
>are peculiarly Canadian, and not of as much interest to us in the US,
>and the new web site will help focus attention on those issues.
>Tom Beatson
>dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000

No.  IPC IS NOT a replacement for IP.org!  LOL!  We could never 
replace IP.Org!   For teh foreseeable future our goal is to provide a 
place for Canadian pumpers and pro-pumpers to connect with each other 
in regards fo issues, programs, IP and DM groups in Canada etc.  "A 
Central on stop shopping for what's going on in Canada and where to 
go for various types of support".

We are getting URLs and emails form active pro-pumpers and groups 
across the country and until now few if anyone else in other 
provinces knew they existed!

We have no email lists planned and would not issue on to replace the 
IP.org main email list as we feel this would "water down" the useful 
info and support gained by numbers.

We plan "chat rooms" most of which would be for local and purely 
Canadian issues.

There are so many issues about Dm and pumping which are purely CDN 
and of no interest to most on the IP.org list as our systems are so 

replace IP.org?  LOL!  Not!

Thanks for teh kind attention to our pages... ...watch the space!  :)

Thanks ot IP.org and Michael for the help in getting us out of only a 
couple of provinces!


Darrin Parker
IPC Webmaster
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