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Re: [IP] re: tubing length

> I switched to the longer
> length
> and have never had even one pulled out.  I wouldn't switch back, this
> length
> works much better for me.  I am not a tall person or a short person,
> just in the middle
> at 5'6 (minus a quarter inch but still call it 5'6).

I don't think your size (at least for someone who is an adult or nearly so)
makes much difference as to which length you prefer.  I am on the short side
at 5' 3", but I still prefer the tubing that is 43 inches -- about twenty
inches shorter than I am!

It boils down to if you want a longer leash, or if, under normal
circumstances, you find the extra tubing an irritant.  Whichever matters
more to you is probably what determines which you prefer.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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