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Re: [IP] RE: (IP) Advice on wearing a pump & working construction

> What is your solution for glucose testing on
> site when there is no running water to wash your hands?  Where do you
> keep your meter so the heat doesn't overpower it?  Do you use anything
> special under your tape to help it stay on when you sweat? Once again
> thanks for your help.

I am certainly not a construction worker, but I do have a few ideas.  As far
as washing his hands is concerned, he could use either an alcohol swab, or
keep one of those containers of anti-bacterial wipes that they sell
somewhere on the site or in his vehicle.  We keep those in the car, and they
are very handy when you need to wash your hands but can't get to soap and

I would suggest finding some place outside of his vehicle to keep his
meter -- maybe a fanny pack, or something?  And use one, like the One Touch
Ultra, that is okay for use in a wide range of temperatures.

On those occasions when I expected to be out in the heat a lot, I used an
anti-perspirant spray to make my sites continue to stick.  It worked quite
well.  He could try some of those things that make them stick better, of
course, but I've found the sweating to be a worse problem than water, just
because it occurs *under* the tape.  The anti-perspirant spray helped me not
to sweat in that area and resolved the problem.

I'd say, if he really wants to try pumping, he ought to go ahead with it.
There are solutions to most of these problems.  They may be a tad
inconvenient, but being on a schedule with MDI is inconvenient as well.
Let's face it, the inconvenience is caused not by the method of treatment,
but by having this disease.  I wish I could say otherwise, but inconvenience
is, to a certain degree, a fact of life when you have diabetes.

I wish him the best and hope that he finds solutions that really work for
him in each of these areas.  I'm not belittling his concerns in any sense;
they are valid.  But every time I've run into trouble associated with
pumping in the past twelve and a half years, I've managed to find a solution
, because pumping was what I really wanted to do.  If he has the same
desire, then I'll bet some solution is awaiting him.  (Sure, there are
probably a few problems that people have had that legitimately brought
pumping to an end, but they are rare.)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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