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[IP] Joslin Clinic in Boston

  OK, this is me trying not to flip out. I know some people have seen good Drs
at Joslin, there are bound to be a few good Drs every where. But my advice to
any one is to stay as fare away from Joslin as possible. Yes I'm very biased,
but after
 being a patient at the main Joslin and some of their satellites on and off for
15 years I have had no good impressions. You have to wonder about a place that
feels the need to insist that they are 'the greatest diabetes center in the
world' every
 five minuets. I know that Dr Joslin was once really cutting edge, but that was
waaaay before I was born, and I think they have now fallen behind the times.
They are just a really big diabetes bureaucracy now. They love to come out with
these fade
 programs that they use, where one size fits all. I think good diabetes care has
to be individualized to the patients, everything can't just be calculated out of
a table based on some ones height and weight. And it has been my experience that
 some thing did not work for you, and you had figured out what did, well then
there are plenty of nursed there to scream at you for your irresponsible
  I think they go for the lowest common denominator. I remember them say to my
family in 1990 that they were not happy they had gotten me a blood glucose meter
because not all familys could afford them for their children. Why does that mean
 should not have one? The more people who have them the sooner the price will
drop. I attribute this attitude to their keeping me totally in the dark about
the pump. As you can see my opinions are very strong, and based only on my own
 I have never been to the Joslin pump program. But after my years of trying
this, that, and the other with Joslin, I now feel it is well worth my trips to
RI to see a good Endo.
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