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Subject: [IP] RE: unexpected highs/rapid drops

In a message dated 4/6/03 1:52:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
>  >... my perfect control sees 300 way too often:-), 
> I bolus 5 U, and in 3 h I'm around 100, so that's within your 
> guidelines.  If i tried to drop faster (which I could do with a 
> bigger bolus) i'd end up hypoglycemic.  However, with a IV bolus, one 
> could drop the 200 in just 10 -20 min.  But that's not done out of a 
> hospital setting.  

Let's hope not!  Your endocrine system wouldn't appreciate a fast drop and 
your cardiovascular system would get a big surge of adrenaline (if you not 
hypounaware), your glycogen stores would also get depleted, and the next low 
BG following the rebound would be a much lower BG, consequently more 
difficult to elevate.

>     >Well not having access to a library doesn't stop most of us 
> from thinking out loud ;-).  But anyone can access pubmed, even from 
> home.  <

Not always easy to do, sometimes. I'd be looking for a specific reference, 
for which I cannot remember the author or title.

>You're younger than me, so i'm assuming you're a pro on line...> 
> ;-)  - -wayne

Ha, ha! I doubt I am younger, Wayne, but I'll take the compliment, anytime.

(more than 20 years in diabetes education)
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