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[IP] ongoing site problems

I have been having great difficulties with my sites, and am looking for ideas.
I use a MM 507C, sillouettes, and an inserter.  I have been pumping for 10
years, and using sils for about 3 years.  Part of the problem is scar
tissue--I can no longer use my lower abdomen.  I am slim, and short, so other
areas are limited.  I'm using my flank mostly, and some tries at upper abdomen
(this is a problem because of little fat, though.)

I have been having bad sites, and don't know what the problem is.  Yesterday I
changed 4 times (#5 is in today) because of very high BG and ketones.  The
cannulas were not kinked or bent, but there was a small amount of blood on 2
of them.  These weren't in scar tissue areas, so absorption should have been
good.  The angle of insertion may be a problem, but I'm an experienced user,
and am not really doing anything different. I also have had times when the
site is fine for 24 hours or so, and then apparently something changes because
my BG's go up to the 300-400s plus ketones.

Can anybody help?  I have talked to my physician's office, and MM, but no
genuine help.  The pump is OK, the insulin is OK, and I haven't been ill.
Plus this is a sporadic problem over many months.  I'm very frustrated because
I can't figure it out. Changing out sites this many times costs a lot in time
and money, plus the high blood sugar problems certainly concern me.
Barbara Ziegler
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